How to choose the perfect teddy bear for your new baby

How to choose the perfect teddy bear for your new baby


If we think back to our childhood, we can all probably remember that one special teddy bear that we cherished. The one that scared away the bedtime monsters, who we took on adventures and the one who was always there when we were sad.


Believe it or not, teddy bears play a huge part in the early years of our lives. They can ease stress, build confidence, soothe tears and even aid in social development. They’re also one of the first best friends that we make. Which is exactly why gifting a baby their first teddy bear is so important - you’re giving them the start to a lifetime of memories that they’ll cherish forever! Not to mention the countless adorable photographs you’ll capture of your baby and their best friend.


It can be hard to decide on ‘the one’ teddy bear for your baby, so we’ve put together a quick and easy first teddy bear gift guide to help you.

The traditional teddy bear

When you think of a teddy bear, these teddies are probably the first ones that come to mind. Typically brown, fluffy and oh-so cuddly, the traditional teddy bear is the perfect choice for a baby’s first teddy. Whether you choose a teddy with a bow, a cute scarf, or even a uniquely coloured teddy bear (like pink or purple!), you honestly can’t go wrong. We guarantee your baby will love bedtime and naptime with this teddy ready to give plenty of cuddles.


The unique soft toy

It’s no secret babies love bright and vibrant colours, which is why one of our more unique teddy bears are another big hit with the little ones. From farm animals, to jungle animals, dogs and more, you can let your imagination run wild with these soft toys! The bright colours and adorable smiling faces of these soft toys will capture the attention of all babies, bringing them oodles of happiness and warmth.


The personalised teddy bear

We love nothing more than a personalised teddy bear. They’re adorable, fluffy and have that extra special something about them! What’s not to obsess over? With personalised teddies, you can choose pre-made teddies with sweet messages or even create your own. By giving a personalised teddy bear to your new baby, you can both commemorate the birth of your new bundle of joy and add a message that they’ll see and cherish forever. Not to mention, you can re-create this special moment again later on in their life with a personalised graduation bear!


We hope this short guide helped you, and gave you some ideas to spoil your new little one. Being new parents is super exciting, so don’t be afraid to go all out!


We could talk about teddy bears and soft toys all day, we love them so much - we also can’t wait for your baby to meet their first best friend and lifelong friend.

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